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Photography is that one thing which everybody loves to do. It is an art, it lets you show your creativity with utmost skills. However, there are professional photographers as well as those who do photography just for fun and interest. Digital cameras are used by all professional photographers.

Spy Digital camera history 

It was in 1975 when the first digital camera came into light. It was developed by an engineer named Eastman Kodak. They were used mainly for the scientific ad military purposes and was later adopted by the media industry. By mid-2000s, almost all types of camera were replaced by Mini Spy (hidden cams) you can find on amazon. With time, these cameras underwent a lot of development, now there are various types of digital cameras used by photographers. It initially used the sensor called CCD (charge-coupled device) but later it changed into CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor).

Development of different types of digital cameras

Types of equipment in a camera

A digital camera consists of many types of equipment and each of them has a well-distinguished role in bringing up a good quality picture in your hand. It is very important to capture the right scene at the best time and with the best lens. Therefore lens is the most important equipment in a camera. When you buy a camera, you get a normal standard lens with it but for different occasions, different types of lens are used. Like if you want to do macro photography then you should have a macro lens or if you want to do wildlife photography, then you need to have a telephoto lens or you should have a prime lens if you want to get a bokeh effect. Another item in your digital camera is a memory card, It lets you store the snaps. You should have a tripod if you want a good and stable photo and video. Some other equipments like filters, diffusers and flash are also found with digital cameras.

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