Sonic Blue Rio

My opinion - Connect the Sonic Blue Rio Receiver to any phone jack in any room of your home or office then access your laptop and stream in digital music!

Digital Audio Receiver

With this discount computer accessory play your music collection without interfering with your laptop's operation! Enjoy your digital music collection in any room

USB Portable Thumb

Flash memory or a self-contained drive for data storage. It plugs into any USB port with plug and play ease making moving files from one computer into

Company Profile

Xinit Systems is a forward thinking technological production and research company based in New Orleans. Our company has been credited with the production of several innovative products and tools over the years. This has earned us several Awards and commendations by reputable agencies and establishments in the tech world.

Last year, our gadget targeted towards the plumbing industry was voted as the most innovative development of the past decade. This also reflected in the sales figures since we recorded quite an unprecedented number of pre-orders for the product. Xinit Systems has an e-commerce platform where clients can purchase our products relatively easily. These products are applicable for literally every profession on the planet.

What We Do

Make Your Own Computer Accessories